Pien Ji Shih Tzu

Where Type Meets Temperament

Pien Ji Pups
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CH Sha-Mar's Smoke Gets in Your Eyes of Pien Ji

Black Mask Silver Brindle
CH Sher-Den's Design By Cartier TR230629/01 09-05 Gold & White AKC DNA #V371399 CH Moonglow's Park Avenue TP131095/01 07-04 (Canada) Gold & White

CH Moonglow's Terrific Tom TN796872/01 (Canada) Gold & White AKC DNA #V80384

Sophisticate Dancin On A Cloud TN302572/01 (Canada) Gold & White
CH Moonglow Simply Terrific CKC EA291218
Moonglow's Lap Dancer CKC GJ450306 CH Moonglow Dancing On A Star TM972566/01 03-94 (Canada) Gold & White
Momi Soft Image CKC BE211671
CH Sher-Den's White Diamonds TN977326/01 10-02 Silver & White

CH Ming Dynasty Zip At Sokol's TN813265/03 04-00 Gold & White AKC DNA #V147359

CH Ming Dynasty's Full Of Zip TN507489/02 10-98 Gold & White
CH Ming Dynsty Barlar Fancy Free TN089509/05 08-96 Gold & White
CH Mei-Lings Sher-Den's Starfire TN626931/02 04-00 Gold & White CH Ming Dynasty's Target Shoot TN224226/01 01-97 Red & White AKC DNA #V89765
Demi's More Strip Tease TN384492/01 03-98 Gold & White
CH Sha-Mar's Awesome Ashlee TR173579/01 07-06 Silver Black Mask CH I Am Sha-Mar's Midnight Express TP269257/02 02-04 Black AKC DNA #V304372 CH Amadandi's Midnight Hunter TN773556/01 07-00 Black & White AKC DNA #P45738 CH Soha's Jungle Gym Chang Tang TM979932/01 12-94 Gold & White AKC DNA #P45736
Amarie's Restless Heart TN141142/01 04-97 Black & White
CH Sha-Mar K-Lee Black I Am TN890283/01 04-02 Black Crown Zohio Devil's Advocate TN438496/02 03-98 Black AKC DNA #V74800
Zohio's To Sexy For Words TN360995/01 03-98 Gold & White
Ba-Lays Evening Star TP090205/03 06-03 Black Sa-Lu-Se's Wilber At Bailies TN817924/05 01-00 Red & White AKC DNA #V69292 Sa Lu Se Red Hot Poker TN484549/02 04-98 Red & White AKC DNA #V65377
Sa Lu Se Jackie O TN503782/05 11-98 Gold & White

Lew's Ravenbeauty Of Malay's TN887540/04 01-01 Black

Carraways Royal Black Knight TN675976/03 10-99 Black
Lew's Princess Of Power TN305479/06 05-97 Silver Black Mask

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