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Looking for a wonderful Shih Tzu puppy?

A Pien Ji Shih Tzu Puppy

Pien Ji is dedicated to producing a very few, very high quality Shih Tzu. Our foundation boy, CH Pien Ji's Chun Kee Bob, was the number 5 producer of Champion Shih Tzu in the US for 2008- based on a few, high quality litters bred here at home.

Pien Ji pups come pre-spoiled, and being raised in the living room, they are used to the hustle and bustle of a busy house.

I rarely list puppies for sale here, please contact me (charlee@pienji.com) if you are interested in a puppy.

About Pien Ji Pups

Pien Ji Shih Tzu PuppyPien Ji Shih Tzu are bred for health, temperament, and conformation to the standard as set by the American Shih Tzu Club.  In the process of breeding for show, wonderful pets are produced!  My Shih Tzu live in the house, and are very social.  As such, I have much less tolerance for temperament problems that produce, at times, a better show dog, but one much harder to live with.  My feeling is that if you haven't produced a dog that people love to live with, you have failed. 

Pien Ji Shih Tzu come with an initial two week guarantee against contagious disease.  This is to get you through the incubation period, and ensure to you that your puppy is healthy at the time of purchase.

There is a two year guarantee against life threatening congenital defect.  If your pup has RD (Renal Dysplasia- kidney disease), it should show up by that time, as should Von Wilebrand's (a clotting disorder).  Kidney and eye problems are fairly common in the breed in general, I have not had any genetic problem with either, and would immediately neuter any animal involved in producing any of these conditions, and I would need to know of any problems IMMEDIATELY.

Pien Ji pups are sold on a spay/neuter contract unless sold for show. 

Your pup will come with a Starter kit, with all of the basics you need except a crate and bed.  There will be enough food for three days to give you time to get the same food- my dogs are doing very well on the diet they are on. 

Your pup will have been wormed twice, and will have the first two puppy shots.  I do not vaccinate for Leptospirea, as that shot is more dangerous to your pup than the likelihood of getting Lepto.  I do not give rabies shots- that has to be done by a vet. 

Your puppy will not be able to go to your home until 12 weeks.  This is the time prescribed by the ASTC.  It allows for optimal socialization, and for the first two puppy shots to have been given. 

Pien Ji Shih Tzu PuppyIf at any time you no longer feel you can keep the pup, it comes back here per the contract.  I do not want my babies ending up in rescue or the pound, and will be there to help if you have problems that don't allow you to keep the pup any longer. 

I will be there to help and support you with the pup for the life of the pup.  If you have questions, I prefer you ask me first- in most cases I will be able to help you, and I will try to find that answer when I don't know.

Please contact me with any questions.   Charlee

Why We Breed

Basket Full of Pien Ji Shih Tzu PuppiesMy Shih Tzu are bred for type, temperament, and health, and even in a sweet breed like this, my Shih Tzu are known for being exceptionally sweet, loving, and well mannered. I wouldn't have it any other way! My babies live in my house, and while I firmly believe that purebred dogs should only be bred to the standard and for breed improvement, I feel that if your pups aren't a true delight to live with, you have failed!

My Associations
  • I am currently Vice President of the Puget Sound Shih Tzu Fanciers, the only Shih Tzu Breed Club in the Northwest.
  • I am also a member of the Toy Dog Club of Puget Sound an Tacoma Kennel Club.
  • I was the first AKC recognized Shih Tzu Breeder of Merit in the Northwest.

American Kennel Club Breeder of Merit


Health of Pien Ji Dogs

Running Shih Tzu PuppiesPien Ji dogs are tested for CERF, DNA, Patellas, and JRD. It is important to me to produce healthy dogs that will live a long, wonderful life. I still have two of my three original breeding dogs- the third is in a loving home. They were born in 2000 and 2001, and are very healthy and active. You would not know they are older dogs by being around them. Pups are also tested for urine specific gravity before placement- so you can be assured you are getting a puppy with strong functioning kidneys. I have no allergy issues with these dogs and consider myself blessed. None of my dogs are on any medications (that is an important question to ask a breeder, I have found).

Are Pien Ji Pups Rare Colors?
When you look at my dogs- they probably look different from what you are used to seeing in Shih Tzu - there are a lot more solids here, and even some blues. WE DO NOT ADVERTISE THESE AS RARE COLORS AND JACK UP THE PRICE. Per the AKC Shih Tzu standard, "all colors are to be considered equally." If you see someone advertising 'rare colors' for exorbitant prices- RUN! They are scamming you. No color costs more than any other color here. Almost all of my breedings will produce both solids and partis- I am really dedicated to keeping this breed the rainbow it is meant to be. When I first started showing, almost all you saw in the ring was gold and whites. That was a shame. It is getting better now, but there is still a long way to go.

Available Puppies and Dogs

If you are interested in any of these, please fill out the Puppy Application (link below- it opens an e-mail) and indicate which you are interested in. Thank you!

Adults: There are several adults available now as my grandchildren are coming and I need to free up some time.


Pien Pien Ji Puppy Application 
Pien Ji Puppies are only sold on Spay/Neuter contracts.